Frequently Asked Questions

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What's the safest way to apply Thera-Gesic® to my skin?

Apply Thera-Gesic® to your skin in thin layers. You should generally apply the same amount each time, but by adding one or two additional layers, you can increase the intensity of action. One layer provides a mild effect, two layers provide a strong effect, and three layers provide a very strong effect.

Can I take any other "pain reliever" pills when I use Thera-Gesic®?

Certain prescription or over-the-counter medications may also be helpful in treating your condition. But you should only take them if your doctor recommends them. Always ask first!

How long should I wait before I apply another treatment of Thera-Gesic®?

Never exceed more than 3 to 4 applications per day.

How long should I wait between applying Thera-Gesic® and washing or taking a shower?

An important advantage of Thera-Gesic® is that it is rapidly absorbed into your skin-providing prompt and effective relief. To ensure maximum effectiveness after applying Thera-Gesic®, wait about 60 to 90 minutes before washing.

Why shouldn't I wrap or bandage the area?

Thera-Gesic® is specially manufactured to provide just the right amount of medication to be absorbed into your skin. "Pressing" or "covering" the area with a wrap or bandage could cause an excessive amount of medicine to be absorbed. This can result in irritation and burning.

Can I wrap the injury with an Ace® bandage after I wash off the area?

It's ok to use an Ace® bandage or wrap, but only after you have completely washed off any remaining Thera-Gesic®.

Can children use Thera-Gesic®?

Thera-Gesic® is not recommended for children under 12 years.

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